What Sets Us Apart.

by Jenny Swisher on August 22, 2014

Recently, as owner of RevolutionX, I’ve been getting questions at Farmer’s Markets and various other events about what exactly sets us apart from other area gyms. Aren’t we just another small group fitness studio offering a variety of classes at a variety of times?


If you know any of our members, you know this about them:

1) They look phenomenal. They’re seeing real change in their physique, their endurance, and their nutrition.

2) They love our instructors. We don’t just say we have the best instructors in the city. We actually HAVE the best instructors in the city.

3) They’re having fun. Our atmosphere is extreme, don’t get us wrong. But we like to have fun while working hard.

4) They’re doing things they never thought they could do. (i.e., One of our members is down 40 pounds and doing inverted push-ups off of a chair. So BOOM.)

5) They “get” what makes us different. We’re a full picture facility, and when you’re in, you’re hooked.

At RevX, we are an amazing community of clients and instructors who love the way we look and feel. We have a freaking blast doing things we never thought we’d do. And we’re hooked.

It’s as easy as that. It’s as easy as a 90-day commitment.

Yours in Health & Fitness,

Jenny Swisher, Owner

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