What is RunRevolution?

Whether your goal is to complete a 5k, finish a marathon, or achieve a PR in an upcoming race, we’ve got your training plan covered. The key to success in achieving your goals is to simply have a plan in place. This is why RevolutionX combined unlimited group runs, a training plan customized to YOUR individual goals, and a free t-shirt (all runners love a free t-shirt, right?) into a package that’s sure to help you succeed – and kick arse. In addition to this, you will receive the On-Ramp program (a $60 value) FREE with enrollment in the RunRevolution, two tickets to monthly educational sessions, and special RunRevolution tent access at area races. Training programs include:


Often times, folks set out to run their first 5k, whether it’s for a good cause, to provide a challenge for him/herself, or both.  Others set out to race a 5k in order to hit a PR or qualify for the next step in their training. Either way, having a proper plan in place is crucial.

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A 10k is quite often a next step for those who have completed a 5k and who are looking for a higher endurance event to test their limits. Regardless of your goal, we can help you get there and move on to achieving those bumper stickers!

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Ahh, the true differentiation between an occasional runner and a true runner. Most people shrug at your 5k or 10k achievements and the next thing out of their mouth is, “So have you ever run a half marathon?” Certainly, Indianapolis is a great place to put this goal to the test, with the Mini-Marathon in May, the Geist Half Marathon a week later, the Indianapolis Half, and the Monumental Half. 

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The highest accomplishment of any runner is to compete in a full Marathon. It is the test of guts, the test of endurance, and the test of mental and physical fitness. Want to simply cross the finish line? RevolutionX can help. Want to train like a beast? RevolutionX can help.

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Group Training Run Schedule

Saturday Mornings at 8 a.m.

**Run Revolution is not an official partner of Insanity or Beachbody, LLC.**