Running: Feed Your Addiction.

by Jenny Swisher on February 6, 2014

Yeah, my wife finally talked me into blogging. And by blogging I mean writing one blog post. You probably won’t see much from me as far as writing goes, but if there’s one thing I do like to talk and write about, it’s running.

As we look ahead to the journey that will be RunRevolution, I get excited. I get excited because it’s something unique to us and our mission of truly creating relationships with our members in order to help them succeed in their health and fitness. While P90X and Insanity are amazing transformational programs, some people just like to run. They like to lace up a pair of their Brooks (OK, maybe I’m biased there) and hit the open road to pound out their stress and experience a special kind of therapy.

There is one common denominator amongst runners: we all have a PR and are looking to improve it. Sure, you can say some runners are faster than others, but in the end, we’re all looking to compete with ourselves in order to improve. THIS is what I love most about what RunRevolution has to offer.

90% of self-named runners will come home from work every day, lace up their shoes, and head out for a run. They’ll run their usual 3 or 5 mile loop around their neighborhood and call it a day. Kudos to them, because making that type of time commitment and showing up every day is hard to do. They’ll compete in some area races, start collecting T-shirts, and become an addict to the sport. They’ll invest in gear, in race registrations, and sometimes even in travel to feed their addiction. They’ll haul their wife or husband along, or maybe convince a coworker, and soon enough, their Facebook cover photo is a photo of them thumbs-upping the camera at the finish line, medal in hand.


I know, because I am one. I started running in middle school, and from the time I started, I was hooked. I loved the idea of always looking to improve my time. I played basketball and other sports, but there I was reliant on the commitment and work ethic of other people besides myself. On the road, it was all me. My success was in my own hands. Over the years, through high school, college, and now in my Coaching life, I meet runners of all abilities and guess what? We’re all the same. We all have a pure hunger for the sport. Why? Because we are competitive with ourselves. Because of the high we feel when we finish a race. And because we keep proving to ourselves, distance upon added distance, that we CAN.

RunRevolution is what the average running addict truly craves. It’s a group of people who love to run, who get to know each other, race together, and who receive personal Coaching to ensure they continue improving. 

I Coach high school track, and I am amazed at the number of parents of my athletes who start running because their child does. They get engrossed in the addiction, and they want to share that passion with their son or daughter. But most of these parents don’t know what it means to run intervals on the track, or run a fartlek, or even know how to properly run on a trail. With RunRev, we plan to do all of the above. We plan to make it fun.

We’re looking to form a TEAM. A team of people who love to run, who crave it and who are willing to set a goal and work for it. People who like to have fun. Folks who envy their friends who have post-race smiley Facebook photos who would never before have thought of running, and folks who are looking to race and PR in their 10th marathon. All levels, all ages, various goals. Because we are the same.

**Join us for our next group training run on Saturday, 2/8 at 8a.m. at Bluemile in Fishers.

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