Preparing Your Garden: An Inward Reflection (Guest Post by Yoga Instructor Jen Xanders)

by Jenny Swisher on March 21, 2014

(This is a guest blog post by our yoga instructor, Jen Xanders. This is truly just a taste of the bright light Jen shines on others.)Weeds

As winter comes to a close and spring begins to peek through the soil, I am reminded of many things.  Yoga has helped me step back and see life as journey of many seasons that weave together like a complicated garden plot.  As anyone who has attempted to garden knows, it isn’t easy! It is a constant process of observing, adjusting, and working within the confines of Mother Nature’s plans.  Each season you can fine-tune a bit more and have a bit more insight into what to expect and how to adjust.  But often, just when you think you’ve got it, it changes.  Mother Nature reminds us that nothing is permanent, especially in Indiana.

As I reflect on what this time of rebirth will look like for me, I ask myself, “What seeds am I planting?”  How can I really listen and inquire about my actions and thoughts, honestly seeing them and nurturing them to come from a place of love, honesty, and purpose?  How can I adjust to further fine-tune the garden that is me? How can I feed the things I would like to grow and slowly and continuously weed and clear out all of the things that are not necessary?  How can I make this spring a great new beginning?


Here are a couple of simple ideas that will help you clean and prepare your plot:

1) Decide to add the discipline of daily work on your “garden” to weed what isn’t serving you and plant what you’d like to grow.  This takes a willingness to really observe, ask, and answer the hard questions.  It’s hard, but worth it.

2) Then, decide to mean what you say and say what you mean.  While this sounds incredibly simple, try it.  It isn’t.  Interestingly, when you put this effort into action, a big shift happens around you.  It truly is life changing.  You become real and your best you.

and lastly,

3) Remember that one season of growing is a very small part of this process.  There will be another spring, God willing.  Each roadblock is simply an opportunity to learn more to gather more for the next season.

So start planning your garden — inside and out.  And just as no tomato tastes as good as an Indiana home grown summer tomato, nothing feels as good and authentic as knowing you did the work and being able to enjoy the fruits of your labors — inside and out.

Happy Planting!


Jen Xanders is a mother of twin girls, wife, and yoga instructor in Indianapolis. To follow Jen, find her on Facebook or join her in class! Her schedule is as follows:

Mondays at 5:45p.m. and 7:15p.m. (Flourish, Fishers)
Wednesdays at 9:30a.m. (Flourish, Fishers)
Thursdays at 9a.m. and 6p.m. (RevolutionX, Fishers)
Fridays at 8:15a.m. (Flourish, Fishers)
Sundays at 4p.m. (All People Yoga Center, Indianapolis)

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