Muscle Confusion: Why P90X Works.

by Jenny Swisher on September 16, 2014

No, P90X is not just a glorified home workout program that is challenging and in the beginning, seemingly impossible. It was created with proven science behind it, which is why it works. Thousands of people have seen success with the program, whether done via the DVD or in a live class setting like what we offer at RevX, but not by mere luck.

The program was designed with the science of muscle confusion in mind. What is “muscle confusion”? It’s doing a variety of workouts, each one focusing on a different muscle group of the body, so as to keep one from plateauing in their fitness. Like we say to our clients, it works because it keeps your body guessing and doesn’t allow it to fall into the trap of mind-numbing treadmill workouts or the oh-so-familiar machine hopping done in a big gym format. It’s a structure meant to give you results. Period.

The nice thing about what RevolutionX has to offer is that not only do we take the guesswork out of a structured program, we have certified trainers who keep a close eye on you in a small group format so as to protect your joints and spine. We ensure you’re doing what you need to be doing in the way you should be doing it in order for YOU to progress best. And we have a pretty cool community of people who keep each other motivated, accountable, and positive while we’re all on the journey.

If you’re serious about getting results and aren’t afraid to commit to 90 days worth of a challenge, this could be exactly what you’re looking for. Variety: it’s the spice of life.


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