Introducing Our 90 Days to Summer Challenge, Starting 3/2

by Jenny Swisher on February 24, 2015

It’s almost March already! How did we get here so fast? It seems just yesterday we were making our 2015 resolutions and now here we are, headed into Daylight Savings Time and hopefully soon, the first signs of spring.

Monday, March 2nd marks the official “90 days to summer” countdown, with Day 91 literally being Memorial Day.

This means we’ll soon be entering the season of swimsuits, vacations, more revealing clothing than these comfy fleeces and sweatshirts, and yes, socializing. No more hunkering down by the fireplace with hot cocoa… It will soon be time to get out!

Wouldn’t you rather do so comfortable in your own skin? Confidently? With more energy?

Introducing a first-ever 90-Day Challenge hosted by RevolutionX Studio. Here’s the plan:

* Folks enroll in 90 straight days, as many days per week as they can do.

— Cost structure: $99 for 3 days per week; $110 for 4 days per week; $166 for 6 days per week

* All able to begin on Monday, March 2nd will participate in a group Fit Test assessment to take place THIS SATURDAY, 2/28 at 9a.m. prior to a 30-minute cardio workout. Assessment will involve a basic functional fitness test to gauge where you are on Day 1 versus Day 90 (as the test will be repeated in May). There will be NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for this Fit Test assessment.

* Anyone who refers a friend receives a $20 gift card

* We have a formula that takes into account number of classes attended, % of body fat loss, inches lost, and changes in Fit Test results. There WILL be a winner at the end of the 90 days.

How do you know if this is a good fit for you? If you fit these qualities/desires:

1) You know you need the accountability and support of a small group to be successful.

2) You know you need help with your nutrition but don’t know where to begin.

3) You’re looking for full-body transformation.

4) You’re ready to commit.

5) You don’t like the traditional big box gym and its enormous land of machines and clique-classes.

6) You want the guidance of a Personal Trainer along the way to insure you don’t injure yourself.

7) You want/need to make a lifestyle change.

8) You are either someone with up to 100 lbs. to lose, or someone looking to up their fitness to a whole new level.

If this is something you might be interested in, give us a call! We’re happy to chat or offer a free first class to try things out.

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