Fishers Boot Camp

Fishers Boot Camp

Do you live in the Fishers area?

RevolutionX is a premier fitness studio located in the Fishers area that has a variety of boot camps for everyone. Whether you are a first timer or an experienced fitness fanatic, we have the right boot camp class for you. Join other individuals from the Fishers and Indianapolis areas in a boot camp that gives your body a total workout.

RevolutionX Has A Variety Of Workouts

If you’ve ever been interested in a Fishers boot camp style fitness format, P90X Live® is by far THE best class in the area. Each and every class incorporates total body cardio, upper and lower body strength, and core. In our boot camp classes we use weights, we use our body weight, and we transform our bodies in these hour-long sweat sessions.

Join us in Fishers on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for a boot camp like you’ve never seen it before.

We go hard.

We go extreme.

We do our best, and forget the rest.

P90X Boot Camp

P90X® was originally designed as an at-home workout program and has evolved into a truly amazing, live group exercise format. Our Fishers gym has a garage feel “where everybody knows your name” and where we hold you accountable to your own health and fitness goals.

In any given boot camp class, we can have an individual looking to lose a substantial amount of weight and a triathlete looking to strengthen and thrive in the outdoor world. Regardless of ability, this class works for everyone. We typically start out each class with a warm-up and stretch, followed by 10 minutes of cardio (varies between HIIT style and tabata). From there, we pick up the weights and go into 12 minutes of lower body squats, lunges, and balance moves before moving straight into 10 minutes of upper body curls, kickbacks, and push-ups. We round it out with 10 minutes of core strength, utilizing our body weight for added resistance. Of course, we spend a few minutes at the end of each class cooling it down, feeling the surge of endorphins post-workout. You’ll never experience the same class twice at RevX, making every boot camp a unique experience every time you walk in the door.

Total Body Workout In Our Fishers Boot Camp

Why is utilizing your body weight so crucial to your overall fitness? Often times, folks resort to joining a big gym and wind up churning on a treadmill or elliptical, or pushing around weights via machines they’re not entirely sure how to use. It’s not uncommon that folks who are used to running or lifting are quite lacking in the flexibility and balance department, which is the #1 indicator of total body fitness. If you aren’t able to achieve full range of motion, lifting weights could cause injury.

With P90X®, we focus on functionality, agility, speed, strength, power, and balance. It’s not uncommon to do an entire workout full of squats, push-ups, plank-style ab work, and dips. What I’ve found, as a Certified Personal Trainer, is that this truly does equip individuals with the strength they need in day-to-day life. We hear time and again how much our members are improving with their balance and core strength, which becomes evident in their everyday actions and posture.

The bottom line is this: When a beginner to fitness decides to start exercising, they must first master their own body movement. This starts with what we call proprioception, meaning, knowing where your body exists in space. Can one stand with their feet parallel without having to look down? Can he/she lunge forward, knee over the little toe, in proper form? From there, we move to proper posture and alignment, which is extremely crucial to preventing injury. Once a base of functional fitness has been established, we move on to increasing flexibility, agility, strength, and finally, explosive power.

What makes RevX different from others?

Here are our 5 favorite things:

1) The accountability we offer in our boot camp classes, by way of our instructors and fellow members, keeps you on track with your goals. It’s not uncommon to be on a text basis with an instructor or two, and to make friends with other members at RevX!

2) All classes are limited to 10 individuals or less so that our instructors can survey proper form with each and every person.

3) Our classes are fun! If you’re not having fun, you’re not living.

4) The program itself is transformational, both mentally (pushing you to your limits and beyond) and physically (full body transformation at its finest).


Regardless of age or ability level, our P90X boot camp classes can absolutely work for you. Our Fishers class times vary from 6am, 9am, and 6pm, giving you multiple chances per day to get in and get it done.

To get started, reach out to me at to set up an initial tour and fit test assessment at our Fishers location. From there, we can cover your individual goals and questions and get you started on the path to total body wellness.

Yours in Health & Fitness,


Studio Owner, CPT/FNS, Certified P90X/Insanity/PiYo Instructor

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