Do Something Crazy.

by Jenny Swisher on February 3, 2014

Do you love you?

I mean, really? Do you love the person you see in the mirror in the morning? Do you love the things you hear yourself say to others? Do you love being you, love what’s happening in your life right now, and absolutely love the person you’ve become?

Over 80% of people say no. Most people do not love themselves, enough so to admit it in an anonymous survey. The #1 reason they don’t love themselves? Low self-esteem. Ask a woman what her favorite body feature is and she’ll struggle to find an answer… Ask her for her least favorite, and she’ll splurge a list of things she dislikes.

So how can we raise our self-esteem? How can we learn to love ourselves?

By doing something crazy.

I mean CRAZY.

Grab your spouse, or friend, or sibling, or daughter, and go out and do something new. Something that scares you at the very thought of it.

I recently joined a group on Facebook of individuals whose motto is to “Get up and do something new” every day. Some of them, never before runners, have turned to Mudathlon obsessed. Others are now looking to secure their black belt in karate. What I find, when I analyze those who go out on a limb and try something crazy is that they seem happier. They smile more. They push themselves harder. They accept. They have fun. And through the adrenaline rush it takes, and with someone who loves them by their side, they start to love themselves for all the crazy things they’ve done.

Maybe it’s because of the distraction. Maybe it’s because of the way we feel when we surround ourselves with high energy people who push us to do more. Maybe it’s because, when we see what we’re actually capable of, we love that about ourselves. Hey, it’s a start. Worst case scenario? You live a little.

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