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by Jenny Swisher on March 16, 2015

When the sun starts to shine more and the birds start chirping, we know folks are down to get their bodies moving even more! As promised, here is an overview of how exactly things are changing at RevX the week of April 13th, beginning with what the new schedule looks like:


Open Hours 7:30am – 9am and 10am to noon

6:30am P90X Upper Body with Tom

9:00am P90X Upper Body with Jenny

6:00pm P90X Upper Body with Jenny


6:30am P90X LIVE with Tom

9:30am PiYo with Julie

6:00pm LesMills Combat with Meredith


Open Hours 7:30am – 9am and 10am to noon

6:30am P90X Arms with Tom

9:00am P90X Arms with Jenny

11:00am Yoga with Kelly

6:00pm P90X Arms with Jenny


9:30am Yoga with Jen X.

6:00pm Yoga with Jen X.


Open Hours 7:30am-9am and 10am to noon

6:30am P90X LIVE with Tom

9:00am P90X LIVE with Meredith

6:00pm P90X LIVE with Jenny


9am Class [Rotation (PiYo/Insanity with Maria, Combat with Meredith, Yoga with Kelly, P90X/Insanity with Jenny)]

As you can see, we’ve included what we’re calling “Open Hours” to include the option for any of our members to come in outside of class time to get their workout in. In other words, if you’re unable to make a class time on a particular day (Monday, Wednesday or Friday), and would like to get in to the gym to complete your strength workout, you can! We’ll have a Workout on the Wall, an instructor present, and our water fountain ready. All you have to do is simply sign up via ZenPlanner on our website the night before to ensure a P90X® Instructor is present for your workout.

All classes listed above that read “P90X Live” refer to the classes being taught in the NEW P90X format (group exercise class with music). All other classes will be strength training, old school P90X style.

We are adding an additional member option for those who travel often on business. For these folks, they can purchase a Traveler’s Membership, which is a 50/50 membership. 50/50 meaning 50% online workouts and 50% in studio workouts. These members have access to 10 gym visits per month, and unlimited access to Beachbody OnDemand via their mobile device while on-the-go. Total cost is $88 per month.


Traveler’s Members will now be able to access workouts via mobile device while they’re on the go.

All 6:30am classes will be between 30 and 40 minutes in length. All other classes will be 1 hour.

Our punchcard is now available for 10 classes for $80, or 6 classes for $60.

One final thing to note has to do with our full-time members. Full-time members now have the option to A) continue paying month-to-month, or B) opt to make a 6 month or 12-month commitment, saving a bit in the long run. To break it down:

Month-to-month = $166/month for 6 days per week.

With 6 month commitment = $150/month (savings of $96)

With 12 month commitment = $140/month (savings of $312)

* Note: These payments can still be payed monthly; however, if member decides to quit before commitment is up, the remaining payment would still be due in full.

Last but not least, we are now extending the opportunity for folks to take part in personal training with one-on-one time with our amazing staff of personal trainers. These appointments would be scheduled at the convenience of the client, and would last 35-45 minutes in length. Pricing is as follows:

1 session = $50

4 sessions/ 1x per week = $180 ($45 per session)

8 sessions/ 2x per week = $320 ($40 per session)

12 sessions/ 3x per week = $420 ($35 per session)

16 sessions/ 4x per week = $480 ($30 per session)

Personal training will include food diary assessment and portion control/meal planning appointment with first session.

Once summer hits, we do plan to make one additional change to the schedule, with P90X LIVE taking the place of PiYo on Tuesday mornings (at 9am) and PiYo/Insanity moving to the 6:30am time slot on Wednesday mornings. Stay tuned!

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