Are You Training Your Brain?

by Jenny Swisher on October 30, 2014

We talk so often about physical training, nutrition, and proper Coaching, but one thing we often lose sight of is our mental training. The mental component of your well-being is often the most important, and I have found, as a Personal Trainer who is constantly working with people of varying levels of physical ability, it can be the most limiting for those other aspects of your body.

Let me explain.

If I told you to do 50 squats in a row, would you laugh at me? Would you scoff and say, “Yeah right”? Would you reluctantly try? Or would you position your feet and just start squatting?

Often, we react and move on and never pause to realize how we reacted. We simply never take note of our sarcasm, our lack of confidence, our verbal and physical responses. Why? Because our brain controls those things, and our brain tells us to keep moving forward through our day, inch by inch.

I’m writing this because I see it in others. Want to know what I see?

When I tell someone to do 50 squats, some scoff and decide before they even begin that they’re only going to do 20 or 30. Before they even begin. Others square their feet and start squatting, doing all 50 and sometimes losing form, not noticing that they should have stopped.

In other words, we do without thinking. We react without pretense.

So how do we work on training our brain? It’s simple: By slowing down.

Whether it’s lying still, taking deep breaths, or spending 90 minutes in a yoga class, we must slow our physical bodies down so that our brain has time to think. We can read books and listen to podcasts that help strengthen our thoughts, we can meditate to sooth, but if we don’t apply it, it means nothing.

How do we apply? By pausing before we respond. By taking a breath before we move. By considering what we’ve learned about ourselves in the moments of stillness and calm so that we know how to embrace the next step of the crazy and fierce that is often our lives.

I encourage you, as the hustle of the holidays nears and our bodies get restless, rather than push… consider pulling back. Take a breath, slow down, and begin again.

Upcoming Events

by Jenny Swisher on September 26, 2014

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Lindsey Smith, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker



Jenny Swisher, Star Diamond Coach/Studio Owner


Amy Snow, Performing Artist and Coach

You have a story worth telling, and it’s unique. People will be drawn to what you have to say and be inspired by your journey. You could fill your challenge groups, build your Team, and share Beachbody effortlessly! But…

Do you know what that story is and how to tell it?

Communicating your story is such an important part of moving your business forward! And we want to help.

Join us for a transformational story workshop where you will learn:

*The importance of knowing your story and why it’s vital to your business.

*A step-by-step process on how to write your story and a better understanding of how to shape your content.

*Time and space to write your story with guidance and structure to keep it simple.

*A chance to share your story with others and get the confidence you need to tell more people.

On Saturday, November 15th, we want YOU to join us for a half-day personal development workshop on the power of telling your story. Hosted by Jenny Swisher, Owner of RevolutionX Studio and Star Diamond Beachbody Coach and led by Amy Snow, long-time performer and Beachbody Coach, and Lindsay Smith, Life Coach/Motivational Speaker, it’s sure to be worth your time.

To register, click HERE.

Muscle Confusion: Why P90X Works.

by Jenny Swisher on September 16, 2014

No, P90X is not just a glorified home workout program that is challenging and in the beginning, seemingly impossible. It was created with proven science behind it, which is why it works. Thousands of people have seen success with the program, whether done via the DVD or in a live class setting like what we offer at RevX, but not by mere luck.

The program was designed with the science of muscle confusion in mind. What is “muscle confusion”? It’s doing a variety of workouts, each one focusing on a different muscle group of the body, so as to keep one from plateauing in their fitness. Like we say to our clients, it works because it keeps your body guessing and doesn’t allow it to fall into the trap of mind-numbing treadmill workouts or the oh-so-familiar machine hopping done in a big gym format. It’s a structure meant to give you results. Period.

The nice thing about what RevolutionX has to offer is that not only do we take the guesswork out of a structured program, we have certified trainers who keep a close eye on you in a small group format so as to protect your joints and spine. We ensure you’re doing what you need to be doing in the way you should be doing it in order for YOU to progress best. And we have a pretty cool community of people who keep each other motivated, accountable, and positive while we’re all on the journey.

If you’re serious about getting results and aren’t afraid to commit to 90 days worth of a challenge, this could be exactly what you’re looking for. Variety: it’s the spice of life.


What Sets Us Apart.

by Jenny Swisher on August 22, 2014

Recently, as owner of RevolutionX, I’ve been getting questions at Farmer’s Markets and various other events about what exactly sets us apart from other area gyms. Aren’t we just another small group fitness studio offering a variety of classes at a variety of times?


If you know any of our members, you know this about them:

1) They look phenomenal. They’re seeing real change in their physique, their endurance, and their nutrition.

2) They love our instructors. We don’t just say we have the best instructors in the city. We actually HAVE the best instructors in the city.

3) They’re having fun. Our atmosphere is extreme, don’t get us wrong. But we like to have fun while working hard.

4) They’re doing things they never thought they could do. (i.e., One of our members is down 40 pounds and doing inverted push-ups off of a chair. So BOOM.)

5) They “get” what makes us different. We’re a full picture facility, and when you’re in, you’re hooked.

At RevX, we are an amazing community of clients and instructors who love the way we look and feel. We have a freaking blast doing things we never thought we’d do. And we’re hooked.

It’s as easy as that. It’s as easy as a 90-day commitment.

Yours in Health & Fitness,

Jenny Swisher, Owner

Join us for a 7-Day Trial! Visit for more information.

PiYo: Coming Soon to RevolutionX

by Jenny Swisher on July 23, 2014


RevolutionX is pleased to announce that our class schedule will now include PiYo beginning August 12, 2014, with classes on Tuesdays at 9:30am.

PiYo is a high intensity, low-impact workout combining Pilates and yoga with high intensity cardio. PiYo burns an amazing amount of calories, while also building muscle and toning the body at the same time.

The class will be led by PiYo Master Trainer Julie Voris, popular local group exercise expert. With over 12 years experience in the fitness industry, she has worked alongside celebrity trainers Chalene Johnson, Tony Horton, and Shaun T., and has been featured in the PiYo®, Insanity® and TurboKick® training DVDs, as well as the P90X2® home workouts.

RevX is excited to welcome Julie to our instructor family, and to introduce clients to a whole new way of sculpting the body.

For more information about RevolutionX and our class offerings, click here.