The Next Level of Sports Performance.

by Jenny Swisher on August 16, 2015

Calling all marathoners, triathletes, Crossfitters, pro/semi-pro athletes, and high school and collegiate athletes…

oh, and anyone training like an athlete, using programs like Insanity, Insanity Max:30, Insanity Asylum, P90X (1, 2, or 3), Body Beast, 21 Day Fix Extreme, and so forth.

This is going to BLOW. YOUR. MIND.

Let’s introduce the concept of REAL, scientifically proven, NSF-Certified sports performance supplements that can truly change not only how you train and how you feel after that training, but how you perform. I know, I know. In the past several years, performance supplements have been given a bad rep. When you hear “sports” and “performance” in the same sentence, your mind tends to go straight to bulked baseball players sitting in a court room. I’m here to tell you, it’s time to truthfully share all-natural ways of supplementing the body to achieve greatness.

As someone who only backs something 100% when I’ve done the research on it myself, I have to say… this stuff is impressive, and I’m loving the way it’s making me feel.

Before we get to the meat and potatoes of what this supplement line means and how it can work for all forms of athlete, let’s start with this video. Take a look before you read on.

Now, let’s dive in.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “That’s not for me,” I want you to think again. Ask yourself these questions:

1) Do I ever feel sore after a workout?

2) Do I push myself outside the realm of comfortable light cardio (i.e., running long distances, lifting weights often, power training, or plyometric training)?

3) Do I struggle to get out of bed in the morning for an early morning workout because I feel so tired and lethargic? 

4) Do I struggle with keeping hydrated all day long, and wind up feeling thirsty after my workout?

5) Do I look around at others in a group exercise class and wonder how they have the endurance and stamina to be so athletic, while I feel sluggish and slow?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, keep reading. If you answered No to these questions and the reason is because you currently don’t have an exercise program, start here.

Let’s review the Beachbody Performance Line in detail:








Energize is not your normal pre-workout. It is the most recent advancement in sports performance supplementation, and with good reason. As with everything created by Beachbody, the ingredients in Energize (and all other Performance supplements) are all-natural. All-natural meaning they occur in nature without any added preservative or artificial ingredient to make them last longer, taste better, etc. The primary ingredients include: beta-alanine (yep, you can expect a slight tingling in your fingers and toes upon taking the first few times, signaling you’re ready to rock and roll!), quercetin and green tea (leaf extracts), as well as calcium, magnesium, and potassium citrate.

How I suggest using:

If you’d like to be an early bird who crushes their workout first thing, consider keeping a scoop of Energize with a glass of water by your bedside. When that alarm goes off, stir it up and knock it back. Within a few minutes, feel that beta-alanine surge through your system, preparing you for lift-off. (We recommend sleeping in workout wear so as to be able to literally zoom to your DVD player).








Hydrate is the first of its kind during workout supplement. This means that while you lift, run, jump, or bench, you get to hydrate your body with what it needs to replenish lost energy stores. Ingredients include: calcium, magnesium, potassium citrate, beet sugar, quercetin (leaf extract), and subtle stevia.

How I suggest using:

Mix well in your typical workout water bottle and sip during workout breaks.








Recover is exactly what it sounds like: the perfect post-workout recovery formula. Intended for use no more than 30 minutes after your high intensity workout, it works to restore glycogen and leave you feeling smooth while your body continues to burn calories. Ingredients include: 20g of protein and a handful of carbohydrates in the form of top-quality whey protein isolate, pea protein, micellar casein, branched-chained amino acids (BCAAs), and L-glutamine. Flavored with all-natural cocoa powder, beet sugar, and natural chocolate, it’s deliciously refreshing (think chocolate milk) at the end of your workout.

How I suggest using:

Simply shake in your shaker cup within 30 minutes of exercise and drink it down! For those of you consuming Shakeology daily (which should be everyone), drinking your Shakeology 60 minutes post-workout is also a great idea, even in conjunction with Recover.








Recharge is going to completely transform the way people train their bodies from the inside-out, especially marathoners and triathletes. It is intended as an overnight supplement, taken before bedtime, to reduce lactic acid build-up in the muscle and prevent soreness. Vanilla chamomile, tart cherry powder, L-glutamine, micellar casein, and BCAAs make up this scientific revolution of a formula.

How I suggest using:

Consume before bedtime and reminisce on your old ways of Oreos before bedtime, swearing that will never be you again.











This is THE product for packing on extra muscle. For those of you P90X’ing or pressing Play each day on Body Beast, THIS is a supplement you’ll need! It’s simply 10g of straight creatine in its finest quality.

How I suggest using: 

As your program indicates.

The bottom line is this: if you’re going to train like an athlete, you need to fuel like an athlete. Eating well and consuming Shakeology is step 1, and this? This is simply the next level. These supplements exist to help take you to a faster per mile time, a higher vertical, better lung capacity in endurance training, and so on. If you don’t consider yourself an athlete, it’s time you do. There’s nothing that says you have to be an Olympian to be a true athlete. If you move your body each day and push yourself to physically… you’re an athlete. It’s time to start thinking like one.

Ask your Coach how you can try Beachbody Performance. Available now in various Pack varieties, and in sample form. 

Check out the New Spring Schedule!

by Jenny Swisher on March 16, 2015

When the sun starts to shine more and the birds start chirping, we know folks are down to get their bodies moving even more! As promised, here is an overview of how exactly things are changing at RevX the week of April 13th, beginning with what the new schedule looks like:


Open Hours 7:30am – 9am and 10am to noon

6:30am P90X Upper Body with Tom

9:00am P90X Upper Body with Jenny

6:00pm P90X Upper Body with Jenny


6:30am P90X LIVE with Tom

9:30am PiYo with Julie

6:00pm LesMills Combat with Meredith


Open Hours 7:30am – 9am and 10am to noon

6:30am P90X Arms with Tom

9:00am P90X Arms with Jenny

11:00am Yoga with Kelly

6:00pm P90X Arms with Jenny


9:30am Yoga with Jen X.

6:00pm Yoga with Jen X.


Open Hours 7:30am-9am and 10am to noon

6:30am P90X LIVE with Tom

9:00am P90X LIVE with Meredith

6:00pm P90X LIVE with Jenny


9am Class [Rotation (PiYo/Insanity with Maria, Combat with Meredith, Yoga with Kelly, P90X/Insanity with Jenny)]

As you can see, we’ve included what we’re calling “Open Hours” to include the option for any of our members to come in outside of class time to get their workout in. In other words, if you’re unable to make a class time on a particular day (Monday, Wednesday or Friday), and would like to get in to the gym to complete your strength workout, you can! We’ll have a Workout on the Wall, an instructor present, and our water fountain ready. All you have to do is simply sign up via ZenPlanner on our website the night before to ensure a P90X® Instructor is present for your workout.

All classes listed above that read “P90X Live” refer to the classes being taught in the NEW P90X format (group exercise class with music). All other classes will be strength training, old school P90X style.

We are adding an additional member option for those who travel often on business. For these folks, they can purchase a Traveler’s Membership, which is a 50/50 membership. 50/50 meaning 50% online workouts and 50% in studio workouts. These members have access to 10 gym visits per month, and unlimited access to Beachbody OnDemand via their mobile device while on-the-go. Total cost is $88 per month.


Traveler’s Members will now be able to access workouts via mobile device while they’re on the go.

All 6:30am classes will be between 30 and 40 minutes in length. All other classes will be 1 hour.

Our punchcard is now available for 10 classes for $80, or 6 classes for $60.

One final thing to note has to do with our full-time members. Full-time members now have the option to A) continue paying month-to-month, or B) opt to make a 6 month or 12-month commitment, saving a bit in the long run. To break it down:

Month-to-month = $166/month for 6 days per week.

With 6 month commitment = $150/month (savings of $96)

With 12 month commitment = $140/month (savings of $312)

* Note: These payments can still be payed monthly; however, if member decides to quit before commitment is up, the remaining payment would still be due in full.

Last but not least, we are now extending the opportunity for folks to take part in personal training with one-on-one time with our amazing staff of personal trainers. These appointments would be scheduled at the convenience of the client, and would last 35-45 minutes in length. Pricing is as follows:

1 session = $50

4 sessions/ 1x per week = $180 ($45 per session)

8 sessions/ 2x per week = $320 ($40 per session)

12 sessions/ 3x per week = $420 ($35 per session)

16 sessions/ 4x per week = $480 ($30 per session)

Personal training will include food diary assessment and portion control/meal planning appointment with first session.

Once summer hits, we do plan to make one additional change to the schedule, with P90X LIVE taking the place of PiYo on Tuesday mornings (at 9am) and PiYo/Insanity moving to the 6:30am time slot on Wednesday mornings. Stay tuned!

Introducing Our 90 Days to Summer Challenge, Starting 3/2

by Jenny Swisher on February 24, 2015

It’s almost March already! How did we get here so fast? It seems just yesterday we were making our 2015 resolutions and now here we are, headed into Daylight Savings Time and hopefully soon, the first signs of spring.

Monday, March 2nd marks the official “90 days to summer” countdown, with Day 91 literally being Memorial Day.

This means we’ll soon be entering the season of swimsuits, vacations, more revealing clothing than these comfy fleeces and sweatshirts, and yes, socializing. No more hunkering down by the fireplace with hot cocoa… It will soon be time to get out!

Wouldn’t you rather do so comfortable in your own skin? Confidently? With more energy?

Introducing a first-ever 90-Day Challenge hosted by RevolutionX Studio. Here’s the plan:

* Folks enroll in 90 straight days, as many days per week as they can do.

— Cost structure: $99 for 3 days per week; $110 for 4 days per week; $166 for 6 days per week

* All able to begin on Monday, March 2nd will participate in a group Fit Test assessment to take place THIS SATURDAY, 2/28 at 9a.m. prior to a 30-minute cardio workout. Assessment will involve a basic functional fitness test to gauge where you are on Day 1 versus Day 90 (as the test will be repeated in May). There will be NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for this Fit Test assessment.

* Anyone who refers a friend receives a $20 gift card

* We have a formula that takes into account number of classes attended, % of body fat loss, inches lost, and changes in Fit Test results. There WILL be a winner at the end of the 90 days.

How do you know if this is a good fit for you? If you fit these qualities/desires:

1) You know you need the accountability and support of a small group to be successful.

2) You know you need help with your nutrition but don’t know where to begin.

3) You’re looking for full-body transformation.

4) You’re ready to commit.

5) You don’t like the traditional big box gym and its enormous land of machines and clique-classes.

6) You want the guidance of a Personal Trainer along the way to insure you don’t injure yourself.

7) You want/need to make a lifestyle change.

8) You are either someone with up to 100 lbs. to lose, or someone looking to up their fitness to a whole new level.

If this is something you might be interested in, give us a call! We’re happy to chat or offer a free first class to try things out.

Methods of Contact:


Enroll in 90 Days, Receive 30 Days FREE: January Promo

by Jenny Swisher on January 12, 2015

Friends! If you’ve been looking for a way to get in shape in 2015, look no further. As you know, RevolutionX specializes in full body transformation in 90 days. With our proven program, you enroll in 90 straight days of personal training in a small group format in order to change your life. For the month of January, we are offering a special promotion: If you commit to 90 days with us, we’ll give you your 3rd month completely FREE.

What is there to lose?

Share this with a friend you might know who is looking for full body transformation, a community of positive people, and an all-around lifestyle change!


You know how RevX likes to keep it real. We want to take a minute to talk New Year’s resolutions, particularly the “I’m going to lose weight” kind, and break it down into clear expectations. This is written for anyone who has set a resolution for 2015 to get fit and healthy, yet who may be a bit scared to step foot into a gym or begin a program.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 things you should expect if this is your resolution for 2015:

10) It’s going to hurt. As in… badly. You’re going to feel really good for approximately 30 minutes, and then you’re going to endure multiple types of pain: physical lack of mobility (‘Since when has my body been so stiff?’), mental torment (‘You want me to do WHAT?’), and physical soreness (‘Ain’t no way I’m sitting on that toilet.’) My advice to you: Embrace the pain. Recognize that if you feel this way, it’s working, and keep going. The absolute worst thing you can do is stop after you’ve started.

9) Your mind IS the devil on your shoulder. You know how, on TV, they often show an angel sitting atop someone’s shoulder and a devil sitting on the other? The devil on your shoulder, as you approach 2015, is actually your own mind. It’s going to try its best to talk you into things your body knows isn’t right, but gives in to, like that one cookie before bed or that milkshake with your salad. Recognize this, and let your body put the devil (your mind) in its place. When he tells you to give in, do the opposite. Do 10 push-ups, or drink a glass of water. You are stronger than you think, even starting out.

8) Your body likely doesn’t know where it stands in space. Be OK with that. Often, I see people new to fitness who, when I tell them to stand with their feet parallel, look at me like, “Yeah, I am,” yet don’t realize that their feet are turned outward. Their mind sees the way I stand, with feet parallel and it thinks THEY are doing the same. Again, do not trust the mind. Instead, be OK with it. Look in the mirror, or look down at your form, and correct it. We call this proprioception, and it comes with practice.

7) Meet yourself where you are. You have no idea how many people start a program like P90X and they come to me on Day 2 complaining that they’re absolutely terrible at what they’re doing. “I can’t do real push-ups!” or “I can’t even get through the warm-up.” So what? Did you think you’d be perfect at it on Day 1? As I always say, Day 1 looks different than Day 90. Only complain if you’ve reached Day 90 and see no change.

6) You’re going to have crazy excuses. Think “dog ate your homework” is just for kids? As a trainer, I’ve heard it all. Recognize that any excuse that comes out of your mouth is just that… an excuse. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Sometimes that way might be pressing Play at 11pm after the kids are in bed, or setting your alarm for 5am. It sucks, yes. But other people do it, too. You will survive.

5) Embrace that this is a lifestyle, not a short-term diet. While the package might read “90 days”, or your gym membership might be monthly, you should head into this recognizing that you are making a lifestyle change for the better, and these habits of exercise and eating right are a new part of the way you live.

4) You may have loved ones who give up, and who turn on you. “Why are you still going to the gym?” “Do you have to exercise EVERY DAY?” “Well, I made mac n’ cheese, so that’s what we’re having.” The clearer you are in setting your goals and telling those you love what these goals mean to you, the easier it will be to combat anyone who might fall off your wagon. Your success is in your hands. Love them anyway.

3) Slowly, you will find that you actually do have an inner athlete. WHAT? Sounds crazy, I know, but somewhere under there, under all those years of sedentary life and junk food binging, is a marathoner or P90Xer dying to get out and show the world his/her skills. It may be a while before you meet him/her, but they’re there.

2) The only person who thinks you look like an idiot… is you. Nobody else at the gym or at work really cares what you’re doing, nor are they watching your every move. Attack your daily workout and eat like a boss. If people make fun, let them. It’s not their resolution.

1) You’re going to want to give up. Simply don’t. Even if you stop seeing results, or you hit a plateau. Instead, change your game plan. Mix it up. Talk to an expert. But never, ever, ever give up.

Last but not least, we’ve got your back. Even if you’re not our official gym member, we believe in you. We know how hard it is to go from where you are to where you want to be, and we commend you for taking the first step. Remember, this resolution of yours is likely a big one, and at some point, it could become so big and scary that the devil on your shoulder tells you to quit.


Simply take one more step.

The key to reaching your goal and succeeding in this is taking small steps each day. To embrace the fact that YOU are doing this, that this is YOUR year, and that when 2016 rolls around, you’ll be a better person for enduring the struggle.

Best of luck to you, friend. We’ve got your back.