10 Things You Should Expect If You’ve Made a Resolution to Get Fit in 2015.

by Jenny Swisher on January 3, 2015

You know how RevX likes to keep it real. We want to take a minute to talk New Year’s resolutions, particularly the “I’m going to lose weight” kind, and break it down into clear expectations. This is written for anyone who has set a resolution for 2015 to get fit and healthy, yet who may be a bit scared to step foot into a gym or begin a program.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 things you should expect if this is your resolution for 2015:

10) It’s going to hurt. As in… badly. You’re going to feel really good for approximately 30 minutes, and then you’re going to endure multiple types of pain: physical lack of mobility (‘Since when has my body been so stiff?’), mental torment (‘You want me to do WHAT?’), and physical soreness (‘Ain’t no way I’m sitting on that toilet.’) My advice to you: Embrace the pain. Recognize that if you feel this way, it’s working, and keep going. The absolute worst thing you can do is stop after you’ve started.

9) Your mind IS the devil on your shoulder. You know how, on TV, they often show an angel sitting atop someone’s shoulder and a devil sitting on the other? The devil on your shoulder, as you approach 2015, is actually your own mind. It’s going to try its best to talk you into things your body knows isn’t right, but gives in to, like that one cookie before bed or that milkshake with your salad. Recognize this, and let your body put the devil (your mind) in its place. When he tells you to give in, do the opposite. Do 10 push-ups, or drink a glass of water. You are stronger than you think, even starting out.

8) Your body likely doesn’t know where it stands in space. Be OK with that. Often, I see people new to fitness who, when I tell them to stand with their feet parallel, look at me like, “Yeah, I am,” yet don’t realize that their feet are turned outward. Their mind sees the way I stand, with feet parallel and it thinks THEY are doing the same. Again, do not trust the mind. Instead, be OK with it. Look in the mirror, or look down at your form, and correct it. We call this proprioception, and it comes with practice.

7) Meet yourself where you are. You have no idea how many people start a program like P90X and they come to me on Day 2 complaining that they’re absolutely terrible at what they’re doing. “I can’t do real push-ups!” or “I can’t even get through the warm-up.” So what? Did you think you’d be perfect at it on Day 1? As I always say, Day 1 looks different than Day 90. Only complain if you’ve reached Day 90 and see no change.

6) You’re going to have crazy excuses. Think “dog ate your homework” is just for kids? As a trainer, I’ve heard it all. Recognize that any excuse that comes out of your mouth is just that… an excuse. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Sometimes that way might be pressing Play at 11pm after the kids are in bed, or setting your alarm for 5am. It sucks, yes. But other people do it, too. You will survive.

5) Embrace that this is a lifestyle, not a short-term diet. While the package might read “90 days”, or your gym membership might be monthly, you should head into this recognizing that you are making a lifestyle change for the better, and these habits of exercise and eating right are a new part of the way you live.

4) You may have loved ones who give up, and who turn on you. “Why are you still going to the gym?” “Do you have to exercise EVERY DAY?” “Well, I made mac n’ cheese, so that’s what we’re having.” The clearer you are in setting your goals and telling those you love what these goals mean to you, the easier it will be to combat anyone who might fall off your wagon. Your success is in your hands. Love them anyway.

3) Slowly, you will find that you actually do have an inner athlete. WHAT? Sounds crazy, I know, but somewhere under there, under all those years of sedentary life and junk food binging, is a marathoner or P90Xer dying to get out and show the world his/her skills. It may be a while before you meet him/her, but they’re there.

2) The only person who thinks you look like an idiot… is you. Nobody else at the gym or at work really cares what you’re doing, nor are they watching your every move. Attack your daily workout and eat like a boss. If people make fun, let them. It’s not their resolution.

1) You’re going to want to give up. Simply don’t. Even if you stop seeing results, or you hit a plateau. Instead, change your game plan. Mix it up. Talk to an expert. But never, ever, ever give up.

Last but not least, we’ve got your back. Even if you’re not our official gym member, we believe in you. We know how hard it is to go from where you are to where you want to be, and we commend you for taking the first step. Remember, this resolution of yours is likely a big one, and at some point, it could become so big and scary that the devil on your shoulder tells you to quit.


Simply take one more step.

The key to reaching your goal and succeeding in this is taking small steps each day. To embrace the fact that YOU are doing this, that this is YOUR year, and that when 2016 rolls around, you’ll be a better person for enduring the struggle.

Best of luck to you, friend. We’ve got your back.

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